About Nishnabotna

Contact us at info@nishnabotna.com

NISHNABOTNA is a side project operated by brother and sister, Justin Klocke and Stephanie Bunker, and is a home to well-crafted, handmade products.  Our products are intended to be simultaneously raw, stately, and functional.

Custom orders are welcome! We are happy to try designs in different materials; it will just take a little extra time. Each piece is individually created with quality material and thoughtful design, and we recycle precious metals whenever we can. 

The name Nishnabotna is taken from the Nishnabotna River in Western Iowa, specifically the east branch. The family farm Justin and Steph were raised on lays within the Nishnabotna drainage basin, and the project's namesake is a homage to growing up in rural Iowa and working hard every day.

Nishnabotna is in its early stages and we hope to grow it into a platform that provides unique, affordable goods.